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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crystal heart

You held the flowers i gave
as you would a new born child
yet you handled my heart
just like an unbreakable stone
an object immune to being hurt

but you forget there never existed a diamond heart
each one is like the fragile glass
just like the exoskeleton of marine life
it is the only form of protection for its fragility
yet, somtimes, some manages to pierce it
filling it with euphoria
before the shock and pain
injection the sedative before injecting the poison

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2:54 PM

How do i

How do I trust my heart
when i don't even trust myslef
When i first saw you,
i thought you'll be a passing cloud
providing some shade to the cracked earth
yet you stopped, gave rain to the dry earth
and then you decide to leave
cos it seemed that it's the same
you accidentally tripped me
and now, i cant forget that little cloud
with a self belief tat i can cover the whole sea

well, now i cant forget the little cloud
who provided me some life and touched the earth
even if i wanted to release it from my mind

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2:48 PM

2 days before 8-6-04

the white stripes on pink of black
that seems to insulate your heart from me

Every fleeting minute, my mind posess

it wonders to your name, your face

wanders to your lips, your smile, your dimples

it replays your laughter as you recall a memory

the way your hair rests on your shoulders

They say that the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest

but i know it also has the shortest effect

for now i long for its bitterness

for i know that bitterness lasts longer than sweetness

and that i have tested sweetness for far too long

and that sweetness has no real value without bittery

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2:36 PM

His Soul


The Soul

This is the 3rd volume of my poetry. The other 2 being lost in the world. The second one I think is with this girl named rabia(itz the shorter version, i dunno the longer one), though I think I'll never get it back.

These are poems i wrote for the wind
But before, they were for people
But they always got stuck under my skin
And never have they been unfurled

His Body

His mind and body


  • April 2007
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  • February 2008

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    Heart In Sync