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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Usher in the Chines New Year '08

Hand in hand we climbed a mountain
to reach the peak of our abilities
A test of strength and endurance
we stopped mid way, particular pleased

While you took a sip of the devilishly red liquid
I took refuge in my orange nite, an unpotent duo
Still feeling dissatisfied, we took out the same poison
which Juliet drank to reunite with Romeo

If this was what she died for, she must be in bliss
Just the though of the last night they spent together
must have been intense enough for her to live a lifetime
in sweet reprise, always with him and her

The intoxicating cocktail of your faint perfume and warmth
cooled by the blowing wind and warm breath
The same way the ears are sensitive to words,
its the same when your silent lips whisper to the deaf
They are still heard, even louder than usual.

The soft and hard breath as you gasp for more air
the eyes, lookin up to the heaven
the palms together, a devoted pilgrim praying
with our the lips, we too prayed as i'm leaven-ed
and i thought we can't find any water in this mountain
but we did,and the stream flowed for a while before it dried

and we when we were rested enough
we took our oxygen for one last time
as we enjoyed the scenery together
we then descended from the place to mysteriously sublime

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11:13 PM

i just realised that i have left this blog hanging for so long.. so here's new post for those who even read it in the first place.. you guys rock..

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11:01 PM

His Soul


The Soul

This is the 3rd volume of my poetry. The other 2 being lost in the world. The second one I think is with this girl named rabia(itz the shorter version, i dunno the longer one), though I think I'll never get it back.

These are poems i wrote for the wind
But before, they were for people
But they always got stuck under my skin
And never have they been unfurled

His Body

His mind and body


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  • February 2008

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